Our Story

What is Grit?

To relentlessly pursue your goals despite what others may say or challenges you may face. Its working harder than anybody around you. Its taking challenges and turning them into motivation. Its pushing harder when your body says no. Putting in the work and uncovering the right way to train, eat, recover and prepare for your challenges. A mind set that doesn't settle for the norm but strives to be the best version of yourself.

From our challenges and life lessons we have created Grit Athletics to help young athletes find their grit. To help them reach their full potential, to discover there are no limits but simply the limits we place on ourselves. In sports and in life we have to rise up and every day strive to be a little better.....Do you have Grit!

Our Vision

We want to push the boundaries of athletic performance. We strive to incorporate science and technology along with testing sessions to help provide our athletes the very best training. All of our training programs are customized based on the individual athlete and are tailored towards their needs.

We will strive to provide education on nutrition, recovery, mental preparation and of course training techniques that will allow the young athletes reach their full potential.

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