GRIT Coaching Staff

The key to unlocking the full potential of any athlete is having great coaches who can provide training that matches the personality of the person. Come work with us and together we'll find your path.

  • Terry Sweeney

    Coach Sweeney has a wealth of knowledge in the track world with which he is excited to share. He is a trained Performance Coach, certified Club Coach in sprints and hurdles and part of the VIP coaches organization of Nova Scotia. Also added to his knowledge base are a certified sprints/hurdles coach through Altis (Dan Pfaff) and a certified horizontal jumps coach through Altis (Boo Schexnayder). A certified Personal Trainer with ISSA and was previously a Fitness and Sports Director with CFB Halifax for ten years. If not coaching at a track meet, you can often find Terry volunteering as an official.
    Terry is always looking for ways to expand his knowledge in ways that will help his athletes. He is constantly collaborating with coaches near and far to grow his knowledge.

  • Sierra Sweeney

    Coach Sierra is very excited to share her passion for athletics with the next generation. A track and field athlete herself, she loves to help kids develop the same spark she has for the sport. She recently graduated from Northern State University with a Bachelor of Science in Human Performance. She is very passionate about research and looks forward to helping others enhance their athletic capabilities through scientific findings.
    Sierra is a certified Run, Jump, Throw, Wheel Instructor and a trained Gymnastics Foundations Coach. She understands the importance of keeping sport fun while also challenging her athletes to be the best athletes they can be.

  • Jason Woycheskyn

    Jason Woycheskyn is a figure of notable accomplishments both in the legal field and in athletics. During his university days, Jason was a celebrated athlete in track and field, particularly excelling in the 60 meters event.

    Jason’s enthusiasm extends beyond his professional work to his passion for coaching. His experience as an athlete has imbued him with a deep understanding of the discipline and motivation required to excel, which he imparts to others through coaching. This commitment to nurturing talent and leadership skills reflects his dedication to excellence and development, both on the field and in his legal practice.

    Jason's story is one of passion, perseverance, and the pursuit of excellence in every endeavor.

  • Carol Ann Sweeney

    🌟 Carol Ann a Kinesiology grad from Guelph University is the owner /operator of Fit Right Orthotics . She is passionate about coaching kids. She loves to see the smiles on their faces as they make their first jump or accomplish a new goal. An enthusiastic athlete herself she loves the outdoors , Carol Ann is excited to be teaching new athletes. She understand the importance of providing good guidance to the young inspiring kids. Its all about providing a fun pressure free environment that enables the kids to thrive. Carol Ann recently completed her Run, Jump, Throw training along with her Sport coach training.

  • Rod MacKenzie

    physiotherapist and pedorthist. Played multiple sports in high school and
    remained involved with recreational sports ever since. Coach both badminton and
    throws at Junior High and High School. Recently completed Club
    Coach course in throws - discus, javelin and shot.